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​​​South Carolina DUI convictions carry serious consequences both from the criminal justice system and the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Do not wait to contact a Seneca, SC DUI defense attorney after being arrested for driving under the influence in the State of South Carolina. If your South Carolina Drivers License was suspended for an implied consent violation there are extremely important filing deadlines that if missed WILL absolutely disqualify your eligibility for a Temporary Alcohol License leaving your only alternative a (severely) route restricted South Carolina Drivers License. Why challenge the alleged implied consent violation?

A South Carolina route restricted Driver's License will allow an SC motorist permission to drive to school, a place of employment and ADSAP only. The Alcohol Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP) is an additional requirement (to restore driving privileges) should a motorist choose not to challenge a South Carolina Driver's License (SCDL) suspension for an implied consent violation. A motorist must first register and then eventually complete the ADSAP program before the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will reinstatement previously held driving privileges. This means that even after the six months SCDL suspension has expired a motorist will be temporarily disqualified from reinstating previously held driving privileges unless the motorist has been evaluated and registered for ADSAP classes.

Time is of the essence in filing the appropriate documentation with the SC Administrative Law Court to challenge an SCDL suspension for an implied consent violation. If you are illegible, DUI Lawyer Travis Newton will challenge your implied consent violation in an effort to reverse the suspension thus reinstating your SCDL, with the ADSAP requirement also rescinded. It is important to note that the ADSAP requirement will be reinstated if the motorist is later convicted of driving under the influence. Your DUI Lawyer should inform you if ADSAP is a requirement of any plea bargain or "deal" reached with a South Carolina Department of Public Safety Officer or The State of South Carolina.

Seneca DUI Lawyer Travis Newton believes more motorists are unfairly charged with Driving Under the Influence than all other serious crimes combined. Travis Newton believes inaccurate conclusions used in impaired driving investigations are responsible when innocent motorists find themselves charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These inaccurate conclusions stem from inaccurate assumptions adopted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the field of experimental psychology as it relates to impaired driving recognition. The truth is, there are many factors that may cause an innocent motorist to mimic signs of impairment. 

What are the consequences of a South Carolina DUI conviction?
Is there mandatory jail time for a DUI conviction?
What are the total fines?
How long will I lose my South Carolina Driver's License?
Will I be forced to attend mandatory drug and alcohol counseling?
What is The Alcohol Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)?
What is SR-22?
What are the legal consequences for my auto-insurance premium?
Are Field Sobriety Tests reliable?
Is the breathalyzer reliable?
How does Emma's Law effect the people of South Carolina?
Will I be forced to blow into an ignition interlock device each time I start my vehicle?

Seneca DUI Defense Attorney Travis Newton will answer these questions and address the specific facts of your case. There are factors that affect the manner in which the human body digests alcohol.  A motorists' blood alcohol content may continue to rise long after his or her final drink of a particular setting. The result of a chemical test 1 to 2 hours after an arrest may be very different from the motorist's blood alcohol content while actually operating the motor vehicle.

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