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​​​​​​​​​​South Carolina DUI charges are very serious. Seneca, SC DUI Attorney Travis Newton believes more motorists are unfairly charged with DUI than all other criminal offenses combined. The blame does NOT lie with our Seneca police officers or prosecuting attorneys. Travis Newton believes flawed science coupled with a flawed method of DUI detection is to blame when innocent motorists find themselves charged with DUI. The truth is, there are many factors that may cause an innocent  motorist to mimic signs of impairment. A Seneca DUI arrest can leave the accused motorist scared, anxious, and confused.​​

What are the consequences of a DUI conviction in the State of South Carolina? Is there mandatory jail sentencing for a DUI conviction? What are the total fines for a DUI conviction? How long will I lose my South Carolina Driver's License? Will I be forced to attend mandatory drug and alcohol counseling? What is ADSAP? Is there an ADSAP location in Seneca? What is SR-22? What are the consequences for my auto-insurance premium? Are Field Sobriety Tests reliable? Is the breathalyzer reliable? How does Emma's Law effect the people of South Carolina? Will I be forced to blow into an ignition interlock device each time I start my vehicle? 

Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney Travis Newton will answer these questions and address the facts of your individual DUI arrest. Call 864-965-9148 for a free consultation.